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This site is maintained by the Center for Informed Politics to help people find accurate on-line information about political and social issues.

This site also serves as an adjunct to Considered Opinion, an educational current events journal published by the center for use in high school and college civics classes.

Principal Issue Areas

contain up-to-date information about current political topics and links to additional Internet resources.

Considered Opinion

direct links are available for both current and past issues.

Teacher's Resources

include lesson plans and other materials specifically intended to help civics and government teachers.

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This site is still in early development.
Most of the proposed features have not yet been implemented, or even modeled at this site.
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Principal Issue Areas

Topics of Current Interest

Welfare Reform
also this month's focus in Considered Opinion
Affirmative Action
including commentary regarding the University of California decision
Tax Reform
just added- Senator Richard Lugar's "Post Card" tax plan
Trade Disputes with Japan
including the latest trade statistics from the US Depatment of Commerce
The Bosnian War
just added- presidential and congressional statements regarding the use of US troops in UN peacekeeping actions
See also the Informed ReSource Index to Political Topics
a broad index to political issues and access to useful databases

Federal Government

Executive Branch Legislative Branch Judicial Branch

[ White House ]

[  U.S. Congress ]

[  Federal Courts ]

recent presidential actions and other information regarding the executive branchrecent and pending legislation, information about members, the Library of Congress, and moresignificant recent Supreme Court decisions, indexes to district courts, and more

State Government

Informed ReSource Index to State Governments
a broad index to State Government web resources

See also the Informed ReSource Index to Political Topics

General Reference

Glossary a cross-referenced list of civics concepts and words commonly encountered in the study of politics
Internet Search search form entry for several Internet indexes and search engines
News & Reference access to news and reference sites on the Internet
Historical Documents a listing of documents of particular interest in the study of politics
Political Parties links to the official web sites of active American political parties

Considered Opinion

Current Issue index of links and other information keyed to this month's issue
Past Issues links and ordering information for previous issues
General Information submission guidelines and other information

Teachers' Resources

Considered Opinion
Teachers' Supplement
on-line version of the teachers' supplement to this month's Considered Opinion includes additional materials not included in the print version
General Resources lesson plans, worksheets and other tools for teachers
Other Resources sites of interest to civics and other social studies teachers

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