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These pages have not yet been implemented for the Informed ReSource working model.

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The Teachers' Supplement will include additional materials and classroom activities keyed to the current issue of Considered Opinion.

The Informed ReSource Guide to Teacher Resources will include indexes and links to sites of interest to civics and other social studies teachers. With further development, the Guide may be expanded to include a bulletin board system for teachers' discussions and the exchange of lesson plans and other materials.

Teachers' Supplement

The Teachers' Supplement to Considered Opinion will contain specific exercises and lessons linked to information contained in the current issue of Considered Opinion. Additional teaching materials will be made available as a part of Informed ReSource.

Civics Education Mailing List

The Center will sponsor and moderate a Listserv-style electronic mail list to encourage the discussion of civics teaching methods. Membership in the list will be free and available to anyone with an Internet e-mail account and an interest in civics education.

Guide to Teaching Civics with the Internet

The Center is currently working to develop a brief guide to help teachers use the resources currently available on the Internet. The guide will provide examples of lessons involving Internet research and a survey of available materials. This guide will be updated regularly in both print and electronic forms.

Lesson Plan Archive

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) system allows users to quickly copy files from one computer to another across the Internet. The Center intends to maintain an archive of lesson plans available for FTP as a component of Informed ReSource. The materials available at the site will include lessons and curriculum aids developed by the Center and such materials which may be submitted by teachers across the country. The Center will index these materials thematically and will include commentary by teachers who have used them. In this way teachers can easily find and share materials which they have found useful. The Center will convert files to appropriate platform-independent formats (HTML, Acrobat, Raw text) to assure that teachers will be able to access the information regardless of the computer system they use.
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