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The Center's volunteer staff is working to augment Informed ReSource to create and maintain a useful, accurate resource for civics teachers and students, but we can't do it all alone. Teachers, students and casual users are encouraged to contribute to Informed ReSource as individual volunteers or in conjunction with classroom activities.
Of course there are also other volunteer opportunities with The Center for Informed Politics.

Glossary Entries

The Informed ReSource Glossary is intended to become a thorough listing of civics concepts and terms encountered in the study of American politics. You are encouraged to contribute clear, concise definitions and examples for terms not yet found in the Informed ReSource Glossary or improved definitions for terms already listed.
See the Sample Entry Format for more Information

Political Topic Pages

The Center is working to augment the complement of political topic pages in the Informed ReSource Site. We strongly encourage suggestions regarding new links to add to existing pages and new topics for which to create pages. Researching a topic and creating a page for it can be a highly rewarding learning experience. See the Sample Topic Page for more Information

Supreme Court Case Briefs

The Center is working to create and update web page briefs for current and historical Supreme Court decisions. Summarizing a case and finding links to relevant information can be a valuable experience in understanding the meaning of specific cases and the interrelatedness of the law.

Lesson Plans

The center is working to establish an archive of lesson plans to help teachers use the Internet as an aid to traditional civics education. Teachers are encouraged to submit their ideas for new or improved lessons and classroom activities. See the Teachers' Resources section for more details.

Dead Links, Other Bugs and General Commentary

The Center is always looking for suggestions regarding how to make Informed ReSource more useful . Of course if you find a bug in the pages we'd like to know that too.
Just click the "Bugs and Feedback" button at the bottom af any page to send us e-mail or find out how to otherwise contact the Center.
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This page was last updated February 6, 1996