( 7 Nov 1996 )

Hello Tullians, I'm sorry to tell this but I'm reasonatly out of time for some day and weeks to do very much here or to write mail.

There are heavy difficulties with my education ! Against law and order the school mixed rehabilitationpupils and regular ones in one cource causing mess to each sides educational standard. The german labouroffice cancelled consession to the institute to do further governmentalsupported courses and also the IHK wants to go the same way.

This message did hit me only 6 months before my finals, so you may imagine how the situation is at this place and that there's no room for my hobby at all at this moment.

At least I could fix finishing my course there and the IHK tries to work out a payment for supporting education to give mine and others in my class the ability to work out the finals in April/Mai 1997. This is now fixed, so I hope the best waiting on my result now.

For mine it is a very bad hit after loosing Sigi. I don't work anything out of this at all.

Just don't get mad at mine if it takes awfull long until I write back or so.

Thanks for understanding !

Further my email changed to a Netsurf/CCN-Adress as you may have seen already. There were huge differences between mine and Cubenet lately. This happened basically about my activities in druidry. Well...I am celtic since 20 years now, I am an educated female druid or call it a priestess if you like this. I was working for the Cube and they did know about, so it isn't ok to disagree with the fact I'm now in a group of other pagans practizing my ancient religious rites. That's what a druid is here for ! It is also strange, that a provider allows newsgroups advertising for sects, even dangerous ones, but censors a group refering to celtic druidry which is absolutely free, peaceful and harmless. Celtic people never hurt other believers. We are silent, tolerant, practicing our rites for our own. We never missionate. You don't become a celtic pagan or even a druid by define yourself as one after somebody told you, that's the right way to believe. YOU BE IT or you will never be it ! So I don't see anything dangerous in this. Ok, some politicians define celtic people as nazis and it is correct that there are nationalsocialistic asatru-groups whos garbage isn't even celtic oriented at all. But what they practice isn't asatru either. It is just a misuse of it. Myself...I lost my grandfather in a concentration camp...I'd never be able to become a nazi at all. Once I could take a look on that what's behind german politics. After this I promised Sigi I'll never do politics for one of todays german organisations anymore. I'll keep this promise...forever !

Yours Maggy

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