Sigi Kluger

Sigi Kluger ( 1954 - 1996 )

Not me Me Not me

Ham radio : DK4NB, N5NX. Ex DK7NX, DL1MEN, WB5ZRM
Former snail mail: Sigi Kluger, Richard-Strauss-Str 19, D-81677 Munich

On the first update after Beltane 1997 it's time to tell the truth: Sigi Kluger, the designer and maintainer of this site, commited suicide on August 10, 1996 after 5 years of mobbing on hamradio. He will be missed. May the gods find his murders !

My name is Maggy, hamcall DH3VY, e-mail: I was in service for Sigi's hamradiosoftware SP from 1992 to 1995 as he sold the sources. Now I'm a trainee in internetpublishing and programming at CUBENet in Munich. Sigi and I shared most of our interests so I'll try to continue my closest friend's pages as good as I can keeping close to his style. Also as soon as I can afford a CD-writer I'll restart the bootleg and picture-CD-service. Keep cool it's comimg !

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Phone : forget it
Ham radio : DH3VY, Ex DB3UT, W9/DH3VY
Snail mail: Maggy Schega, Richard-Strauss-Str 21, D-81677 Munich

Sigi's Interests:

Crest Jethro Tull

Sigi's workplace:

Tekelec Tekelec Airtronic

Sigi's own company:

ESKAY Soft- and Hardware

A few of Sigi's favorite links:
CCRMy Creedence Clearwater Revival page

Jungle Beef jerky
Cat Stevens Cat Stevens music

  • Space Telescope Science Institute
  • Hubble pictures (STScI)
  • Galaxy Photography
  • Astronomy hot links
  • PR-Redaktion
  • Perry Rhodan
  • Perry Rhodan World Communication Club
  • Robert J. Sawyer
  • American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Life Member (DK4NB)
  • Buckmaster call sign server
  • Sun City ARC Home
  • KNX 1070 Newsradio Online (Los Angeles radio station)
  • WhoWhere? PeopleSearch

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