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Due to serious difficulties with my health I'm still in medical treatment. At the moment I am in poor but fair condition and more important: I AM ALIVE ! There will be no update for hopefully a little while but I will be back as soon as I can. Please excuse further delays ! If links are old or changed, please inform me. I am unable to check such things at this moment. Please accept there can be months until I'm able to answer on e-mail. Chemotherapy isn't easy to handle as TV might have shown you. So I hope you understand that many things aren't perfect here at this moment. I know it is a stress for everybodys patience but the gods be with you to work it out ! Thanks !


New Album released !

Visiting my parents first time after 2 year in solid medical treatment, on a shopping trip I got my hands on to Dot Com, the new Jethro Tull album. It's fascinating ! Personaly I really like the titlesong Dot Com.

Also Jethro Tull is going to be in Munich next month on the 7th of november. I'll not be able to be there for this time due to a still problematic health- condition. I'm still having problems with medication and also I'm still in infusionstherapy to rebuild parts of my skeleton destructed by that, I had before. At I said I'm alive and that's kind of of present my gods and godesses gave to me. CD-burning ? I'm still not feeling good enough to work this out. So at least what I will do is wishing my best to Ian for his concerts an also for the new album aswell as his upcoming solo album he announced on Dot Com. I hope to be able to see him next time !

Beside take a look on Ian's new webside: The Official Tull Webside

I want to say thanks to all the Tull-fans who wrote and write condolences to Sigi's familly and me. My special thanks to Ray Roehner, who mailed us 2 free examples of his Tull-tribute-CD "Somewhere in the universe". Myself I enjoy listening to the CD, so if you like to have one, get on to Rays page.

Somewhere In The Universe

Beside did you know Ian's salmonfarm is ONLINE ?
Try the Strathaird-Internet-Page.

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