Maggy Schega

Maggy Schega

Not me Me Not me

As I mentioned on the indexpage, Sigi and mine shared most of our interests and sights of life. There were only a few optional interests which I will show you to complete my selfdescription.

My optional Interests:

The best films on TV ever made about parapsychology:
SignFOX's X-Files

Encyclopedia Mythica

A very special part of Star Trek:
SignThe Klingon Language Institute

Also the writer of the last book Sigi gave me to read - "The Stand":
S. KingStephen King WebSite

Also a major difference was the fact Sigi wasn't complete sure in which theory of life he should believe. He did like atheistic ways somehow as you can read it in his Thesis . Myself, I'm a pre-celtic pagan. He could never understand my believes, but he did never care about. As mine got in trouble with the german goverment about my religion, he was the only person who helped me to restart a normal life. He was never intolerant like so many others I've met. I'll use this place to say thanks to him again and I hope we'll meet us one day on the other side !

"Not in this lifetime, babe, but we'll cling together.." ( Ian Anderson )

This page is still under construction !!!

Last change: 11 Oct 96

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