Maggys Celtic Page
Maggys Celtic Page


This is a page from a celtic pagan Jethro Tull fan to other
celtic pagans, aswell as those who are still searching !
Enjoy what you will find here !
Bright blessings !




Come in !

I want to start on a place near Munich / Germany where trees
did grow over 2100 years old walls surrounding a celtic holy-ground.
A hole in the eastern wall still shows where a gate had been. Walking
through it you enter a large square place where candles on a stone
and on the roots of a death tree show us, that even 2000 years of
christianity were not able to terminate the beliefs in the old gods.

Now he will ask himself who are these people believing in celtic gods today ?
If he listens to the church, these are satanic lunatics.
If he listens to some politicians, these are dangerous nationalists.
Only prejudice can make life that easy !

But who are really these people ?
What do they believe in and who are there celtic ancestors ?
To answer these and other questions I made these pages.


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