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Glenna Rand has been working with glass for over 10 years.  She started first with stained glass panels, then incorporated the glass into stepping stones and finally moved on to fused and hot worked glass.   Her inspiration is the environment; looking towards the ocean for guidance.  Living on Maui has helped her to refine her vision, and allows the freedom of expression required to create unique and expressive items.

By producing only hand-crafted works of art, she is able to ignore the pressures of commercialism. and concentrating on quality, beautiful and memorable items.

Her work appears in several Galleries, ranging from Alaska to Hawaii.  Her work has also been featured in "Porcelain and Glass Painting" magazine.

Enjoy your adventure into the world of Glenna's Grand Designs.  Each of the links above lead to unique works that she has produced over the years.

Copyright 2011, Glenna Rand