Stained glass by Glenna

My new Fused Glass Artwork!

My new Fused Glass Jewelry!

This is my lead page on which I've display my current project.

Lately, I've finished a stained glass train...


This is one of my new works, called "Keeping an Eye on your Money". It is done using copper-foiled US Quarters, with a keyhole motif. I found some really great gold-textured glass to tie the colours together...

I also managed to find time to complete a couple of stepping stones. The first one is a traditional design, composed on ``The Glass Eye'', and executed with Diamondcrete. The second uses found materials (they came out of one of Dave's Really Expensive Hard Drives. :-)

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Well, Dave finally got around to putting up some more of my later work. This is a piece that I did trying out some more abstract symmetrical shapes. I also completed a sailing ship, another ship, and a fan of knives. Here's an image of a small dragon, assembled from a casting. This is the same dragon, after assembling the casting, but before painting it. The green dragon is now gone, but a smaller one lives on.

Here's a card holder I made, and some way cool large and small seascapes. They are too much fun to leave on the table - everyone picks them up and swishes the sand & shells around. And for something different a quick non-glass project I made out of found materials.

In case you were wondering, I'm not evil, but I can be provoked if I spend too much time in the loft...

This was the second panel that I worked on. Amazingly, it went together well, although there were some ``hard'' inside curves (at the time). It is framed in Zinc came.

Recently, I tried my hand at some very geometric designs. This is what resulted.

This was one of my first pieces. It is titled "Five Symbols", presumably because it is possible to find five different classic symbols in the design. It is done in copper foil, with a zinc came circular edge. I did take it down to the local shop to let them do the edge, since I don't have a came bender in my shop. In the back of the image, you can almost see the Santa Clara valley, better known as Silicon Valley.

This is a recent lamp I completed. The design is a classic 8 panel lamp, and is done in a wonderful red, blue, purple and clear cathedral glass. I chose a dual-lighting arangement, with 5 small lamps lighting the interior, and one downward-pointing lamp. A three-position switch allows me to control which lights are on. I had a lot of fun doing this lamp, especially putting it together. The grinding, however, did take some time, as some of the pieces required the smallest head on my grinder to work. It was quite difficult to hold them in place. Fun project! I do plan on re-doing this design in opalescent glass, as I think it would look better.

This image shows a 6 panel lamp that I re-designed. The original design, taken from a book of patterns, was not centered, and the edges did not meet precisely. It looked mostly hand-drawn. I re-did it on the computer, with exact angles, distances and lengths, and it worked much better. This is my husband's favorite project, thus far.

These are two candle covers that I made. Sorry for the dim images, but they really look great in the dark! Simple design, and pretty easy to make.


I did a few business card holders... these went together very fast. The sea shell in the center holder is just copper-foiled, and the glass cut to fit.

Now, for a collection of sun-catchers I did for Christmas presents. All of these were from various patterns I found in books, and made excellent gifts!

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