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The National Debt is the total amount of money that the US Government owes. Every year that the government spends more than it collects (from taxes, fines, fees, customs duties, property sales, and so on) it runs up a defecit. Each year's defecit adds to the total debt. Last year the Federal defecit totaled nearly $160 billion.
In addition to the yearly defecit, the government must pay interest on the money it has borrowed. For example, to spend that extra $160 billion last year, the government had to borrow $160 billion. The goernment does most of its borrowing in the form of Tresury Bills and Savings Bonds. Each year the government must pay interest on these outstanding bonds, further adding to the national debt. Interest payments alone consume 23% of the yearly Federal Budget.
The total of the principal (the raw amount borrowed) and the interest (which continually increases) owed by the US is currently more than 5 trillion dollars. Due to interest compounding, the total amount of the national debt increases by about ten thousand dollars per second.
Many groups are concerned that the growth of the national debt has been harmful to the economy and may even cause an economic collapse. Even if such dire preditions prove untrue, debt payments are expected to hinder the government's ability to meet other financial and serfvice obligations.

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The National Debt Clock (figures approximate)
A nifty bit of HTML programming that shows the continuing growth of the national debt.

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Debt and Budget Concerned Lobbying Groups

The Concord Coalition (parenthetical)
Prominaent anti-debt group started by Founded by former Senators Warren Rudman (R-Maine, of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Defecit Reduction Act) and Paul Tsongas (D-Massachusetts, a one-time presidential candidate).

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