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The Center's volunteer staff is working to augment Informed ReSource to create and maintain an accurate resource, but we can't do it all alone.

You can help us by adding to the Informed ReSource Glossary!

Sample Entry Format
<A NAME="word">
<DD>(part of speech) Definition phrased clearly and accurately. When appropriate, links to related <A HREF="#relatedword">words</A> or concepts should be included.<BR>
<I>Example:</I> An example can be included to better illustrate the concept. Examples are included within the named range for each entry.</A>


You can select and copy the above text to use as a template for glossary entries or download a text version. If you are revising one of the existing definitions, you can simply save the HTML source of the glossary text document and edit it directly, but please only submit the entries you have edited.

Note that the glossary entries are entered as part of a <DL> list.

The <HR> line mark which preceeds each entry is included as part of that entry's named area (from the <A NAME="word"> to the closing </A>).

In general, extra spaces around control codes should be avoided, unless they aid in clarity of coding or page rendering.

The Center has adopted the standard of using UPPERCASE LETTERS for all HTML control codes and lowercase letters for filenames and names within pages.

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This page was last updated February 12, 1996