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The Informed ReSource site and this Disclaimer are still in early development.

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The Center for Informed Politics is working to prepare this site for full use by high school civics classes and casual users starting in Autumn 1996.

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The Center for Informed Politics was founded with the purpose of helping people think clearly about politics.
This site is being created consistent with this mandate and in the pursuit of the Center's educational goals. Links to web documents and other data sources are chosen for their contribution to this site's educational mission. The inclusion or exclusion of any particular link does not signify support for the posting organitions' political objectives nor certification of the accuracy of information which may be presented as facts in such organizations' documents.

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Inclusion in this site (defined as all HTML documents legitimately residing within the "www.bungi.com/cfip" directory) of a link to an outside Internet resource (defined as any data residing in a loaction other than "www.bungi.com/cfip") in no way constitutes an endorsement by The Center for Informed Politics or its agents of opinions or factual claims contained therein, nor does such link constitue an support for the organizations and/or individuals who may be responsible for the posting of such data.

End legal drivel.

Educational Goals

The Center for Informed Politics has established four educational goals for it's Informed ReSource website and accompanying educational materials (Considered Opinion and Teachers' Resources.)

The Center's Educational Goals:
teach critical thinking skillsto assess and understand contemporary politics
reinforce basic civics conceptsto understand how and why our government works
develop research skillsto empower students to find out about issues that affect them
foster curiosity and interestto encourage engaged, well-informed voters

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